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Soothe Reflexology and Relaxation

My name is Gillian MacDowall and I am a fully qualified Reflexologist.

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What I do?

What I offer is lasting relaxation that leaves my clients feeling calm, rested and rebalanced so they are ready to take on whatever is coming next.
I am trained in Light Touch Reflexology which clients often find gentler on the feet than other types of reflexology. It may be a lighter touch but it's as powerful as it is gentle.

Reflexology treats the whole self, which in turn leads to the body resetting and finding a balance from within.

It is a deeply relaxing experience which enables you to completely switch off and let go of tension, allowing you to recharge, balancing both body and mind in a state of complete relaxation this has a powerful effect on improving your overall health and well-being.

There are many reasons for seeking Reflexology commonly the issues that clients seek help with range from chronic long term health issues, stress and anxiety, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, back and neck pain, sleep issues or problems with hormonal imbalance including coping with the menopause and the multitude of new experiences that throws our way.

Reflexologists treat the whole being not just a specific health concern to enable you to restore your natural rhythm. We are all familiar with that feeling of being a bit at sea and out of kilter, Reflexology can help to restore the bodies natural balance to help you feel calmer, more rested but gently energised.

Where can you find me?

I work from Tostock which is 6 miles east of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. Tostock is easily accessable on the A14 from Stowmarket and the surrounding villages of Norton, Ixworth, Thurston, Woolpit, Elmswell and of course Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket. I am fully qualified and a member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR).

If you are looking for a soothing and rebalancing holistic therapy, between Bury and Stowmarket then please feel free to contact me, as I may very well be able to help you. I have a peaceful treatment space in the country which offers a tranquil setting to enable you to receive a calm and relaxing treatment.

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Covid _19 has brought with it a great deal of uncertainty, however, as full member of the Association of Reflexologist I practice in line with their clear and thorough guidance to ensure the safety of my clients which in turn also protects me.

Making An Appointment

* You can make an appointment providing you are not symptomatic of Covid-19 or any other infection in the 14 days prior to your treatment.

* You cannot make an appointment if you have undertaken any foreign travel in the 14 days prior to your treatment or live with someone symptomatic or who is being required to self isolator 14 days.

The regulations are changing very rapidly and as such I will discuss with you any concerns that you may have as well as completing a health assessment the day before a booked treatment.

I will be required to wear a face covering through out the treatment although my clients are not required to wear one.
Prior to any treatment I will discuss in more detail the protocols I have undertaken to keep us both safe in my treatment space. The guidance for treatments is straightforward and I will ensure that the experience you will receive is safe but none of the enjoyment is lost.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Soothing, Stimulating & Seriously Relaxing

It is thought that reflexology works by gently stimulating reflex points in the feet by doing this the body is encouraged to eliminate toxins and self heal. Light touch reflexology is very soothing and generally leads to a feeling of complete and, in most cases, profound relaxation which allows the body to reset, rebalance and heal itself. As a Reflexologist I treat the whole being to help restore your bodies natural balance.

Whilst no Reflexologist can claim to diagnose or cure specific health conditions there are obvious benefits to be gained from being in a very relaxed state.

šŸ”· Here are some examples of the types of conditions both physical and emotional that may benefit from this type of therapy:

šŸ”¹reducing stress, tension & anxiety

šŸ”¹relieving headaches and migraine, easing back, shoulder and neck pain

šŸ”¹alleviating digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome

šŸ”¹helping sleep difficulties.....fatigue

šŸ”¹relieving conditions that cause chronic pain & discomfort such as fibromyalgia

šŸ”¹niggly aches and pains that you can't pinpoint but are a real pain in the neck!

šŸ”¹benefits a range of hormone related issues including hormonal inbalance, easing the symptoms of the menopause, fertility issues

šŸ”¹women and men's health including prostate conditions & more

It can be very beneficial for relieving exam stress and bringing calm to anxious teenagers. Reflexology can also be of benefit to people undergoing treatment for a range of illness and autoimmune conditions.

Reflexology is, generally, suitable for all age groups, babies, teenagers, older folks and everyone in between.

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Here's What My Clients Think.....

Gillian has been giving me reflexology treatments regularly, for almost two years. She is a lovely lady with very gentle hands and great sensitivity, generally identifying problems just by looking at my feet. Her treatments are extremely relaxing and effective therefore I strongly recommend her.

PH, Tostock, November 2017

Fabulous, stress busting, calming reflexology treatments! I have really enjoyed my treatments - Gillian is confident and knowledgable, putting me completely at ease. Extraordinary insight into my wellbeing through my feet and hints and tips on relaxation to take home with you too. Highly recommended. And by the way it doesn't tickle!

SB, Tostock, November 2017

Gillian is very professional and offers an excellent service in a well thought out treatment room. The environment is relaxing and calming and Gillian has wonderful empathetic approach, is skilled and knowledgeable. The relaxing effects of the session were extremely beneficial. I'll be back soon! I would strongly recommend her as a Reflexologist.

RT, Bury St Edmunds, November 2017

When I arrived for my consultation with Gillian she met me and made me feel welcome and relaxed. After showing me to her treatment room she took a brief history and discussed a few things with me. Although I went with no specific problem in mind I felt incredibly relaxed, and at several points could feel myself drifting off. Gillian is very knowledgeable and you feel you are in very capable hands. I can't recommend her highly enough for a Reflexology session or even if you just need to relax. She is warm, friendly, professional and gave great advice.

TJ, Bildeston, November 2017

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What's new....... spinal reflexology training.......

As part of my ongoing training I have just completed a training course with Louise Keet in Advanced Spinal Reflexology which addresses problems related to the spine and associated problems due to compression of the spinal nerve root and the impact this can have on the systems of the body through referred pain or the under function of our body systems and organs. If pressure is put on the spinal nerve root that run from the central nervous system in between the vertebrae it can affect the organ or part of the body that the nerve root serves.

It is really useful addition to my reflexology sequence and clients I have found it to be rather powerful and extremely beneficial. I look forward to continuing to incorporate this into my practice.

Come and experience a deeply relaxing reflexology treatment and leave feeling calm and relaxed having restored the equilibrium to your body and mind.

If you're not sure whether this is for you please feel free to ask me any questions about reflexology or come and have a Taster Session.

Light Touch Refleoxology in the heart of west Suffolk just off the A14 close to both Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket, Thurston, Woolpit and Beyton.

Still Not Sure Reflexology is your bag?.....Try A Taster Session.

Why not come for a half hour Taster Session for Ā£15 to give you an idea what to expect and to enjoy a relaxing and gentle thirty minute Light touch reflexology treatment. Even a short session can promote a feeling of well-being .

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