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About Me

So the things that are important to know about me..........

I was introduced to reflexology as a case study for a Reflexologist in training. For me reflexology has been incredibly relaxing, like a full body massage through the soles of my feet, the intensity of touch on my feet had a profound effect on me and my health. I could not believe that your feet could tell so much about your health nor that touching different reflexes could give such relief or release. Whether it be easing shoulder pain or helping to reduce hot flushes, the feet and their reflexes can provide very positive benefits to your health and well being as a whole.

I was intrigued by this type of therapy and the fact that the systems of the body are mirrored in the feet. I felt really calm in a way that I had never experienced before, health conditions improved including symptoms of the menopause and acute pain from a frozen shoulders and I found that I was sleeping better. My overall mood lifted and I decided to continue as a client and then went on to undertake training myself.

I have experienced so many benefits in my own health from reflexology. It has brought a real sense of balance to my life and I feel more relaxed and definitely happy and far less ruffled by the big or little things in life.

I can honestly say that I have never felt this level of relaxation from any other type of therapy including massage treatments.

I want everyone to feel the impact that calmness, relaxation and balance has on their general well-being and health.

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About Light Touch Reflexology

I am trained in Light Touch Reflexology and a fully qualified Member of the Association of Reflexologists( MAR). Light Touch Reflexology works with the vibration and rhythms of the feet which, whilst gentle, does stimulate the body's self healing mechanisms to restore and balance the whole body which can have a profound effect on our overall health and wellness.

I apply a precise finger and thumb technique to defined reflexes to stimulate the body's self healing mechanisms. My training was undertaken with the wonderful and hugely knowledgable Angela Sellens Drake, a Reflexologist who brings many years of practice and holistic experience together in techniques that stimulate and rebalance the whole being.

Light Touch Reflexology can feel intense as much as it feels relaxing and soothing in the same way that a stronger pressure can produce a reaction. Reflexology seeks to restore and rebalance the whole being without looking to treat a specific condition.

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What benefits can be expected?

The aim of reflexology is to reset and rebalance the whole of your being and may offer many benefits to help optimise well-being as well as promote relaxation and reduce stress. It aims to help improve the circulation of blood and lymph and stimulate the elimination of toxins, thereby, helping to cleanse the body. Reflexology may also be helpful as a preventative therapy. As part of my training I have also studied Anatomy and Physiology to understand the workings of the body from the inside out.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that is generally suitable for everyone although special care may be required during pregnancy and for those clients with complex health issues. Shorter sessions for children and babies can provide the same beneficial effects.

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